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Make a Difference

Charitable, educational and other non-profits

For those interested in charitable, educational and other non-profits trying to make a difference.

For more information or any questions, please contact David Mack.

Make A Difference Meeting
Please check with the Group Coordinator before paying for this event. Nonmembers pay for each meeting they attend and are asked to pay at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting date.

TuesdayMay 26, 202012:30 PM $40.00 Reservation Fee
ThursdayJun 25, 202012:30 PM $40.00 Reservation Fee
TuesdaySep 08, 202012:30 PM $40.00 Reservation Fee
TuesdayOct 27, 202012:30 PM $40.00 Reservation Fee
TuesdayDec 01, 202012:30 PM $40.00 Reservation Fee

Meeting Location

Susan Zinder's office suite at City National Bank building
1140 Avenue of the Americas 9th Floor (NE corner of W 44th St) New York NY 10036

Make a Difference Prorated 2019 Dues

Renewing members:

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You may pay your prorated dues and fees here.
Make a Difference Prorated 2019 Dues: $532.50 as of today